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What began as a simple notion to provide content for television broadcasters has today become an entertainment powerhouse known as Dev Film Production House, Baldev Singh (MD) extraordinary vision And with creative storytelling Dev Film Production House has surpassed its potential of yesterday and has now set the industry standard for all.

Dev Film Production House was originally incorporated as a private company Dev Films on 28 November 2019 and made public on 28 February 2019. Today Dev Film Production House is one of the largest content production houses in Asia and Middle East with a view to delivering Hindi and regional content. Dev Film Production House

Along with being credited by many for changing and changing the face of Indian television, T. V. As a distinguished expert in the medium of, we are committed to being an active thinker to stay ahead of the competition. We have taken an unmatched lead in providing television content. We have become a group that is going to produce a bollywood feature film,

In the continuous campaign for film development and progress, we inspired to produce feature films predominantly Hindi, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Haryanvi, Kumaoni and Garhwali through Dev Film Production House, a company formed in 2019. In a short span of time, Dev Film Production House has established itself as one of the top film studios. Having worked with most of the leading actors and actresses in the country and industry, today Dev Film Production House has carved out itself as a provider of differentiated cinematic experience in the industry.

With the disappearance of geographic boundaries in the Internet world, we aim to make our content available globally. Our digital business is all about igniting growth in direct entertainment consumption, from which we can now capture the entire value stream from the initial spark of content speed across the entire platform to the consumer’s end point.

We have developed Dev Film Production House as a subscription based video on demand service. Dev Film Production House aims to reach individual audiences directly, by providing them with original, exclusive and tailor-made shows that they can reach at their fingertips. Our beginnings are especially sequential for Indians around the world. These will include premium, high quality shows for popular celebrities, acclaimed writers and award-winning directors, making the Dev Film Production House a true alternative to mainstream entertainment. With stories from different worlds, from thriller, suspense and crime to drama, comedy and romance; Dev Film Production House is a company for everyone from college going youth to families to professionals.

As we witness our growth and continued success, we are committed to increasing the value of shareholders and providing the specific content that our audience expects from us. We will continue to expand through our expertise in content creation in TV, motion pictures and digital and provide entertainment to millions of our consumers. Over time, we want to emerge as one of the most recognized and most influential entertainment providers globally.

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